Tait L, Birchwood M, Trower P: A new scale (SES) to measure engagement with community mental health services. Journal of Mental Health 2002, 11(2):191-198.

The Service Engagement Scale includes 14 questions to measure service user engagement.

The Service Engagement Scale is a practical, reliable, and valid measure of engagement with services that can be completed quickly.

The Service Engagement Scale was developed on an inner city client group with first episode psychosis.

The Service Engagement Scale is widely used within Early Intervention Services, and by researchers.

The Service Engagement Scale is included in a computerised assessment package (MiData) adopted by UK National Health Services:

MiData: Fisher H, Theodore K, Power P, Chisholm B, Fuller J, Marlowe K, Aitchison KJ, Tanna R, Joyce J, Sacks M, Craig T, Johnson S: Routine evaluation in first episode psychosis services: feasibility and results from the MiData project. Social Psychiatry & Psychiatric Epidemiology 2008, 43:960-967.

The Service Engagement Scale is included in for use by professionals who use patient reported outcome measures and other healthcare assessments. CheckWare is a secure software package that automates the delivery and scoring of assessments, for clinical use and research, giving users the ability to integrate assessment scores with electronic patient records. 

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Engagement is a process, and is not yet fully understood. Engagement with services can be viewed from both the service user and clinician perspective. 

Developing our understanding of engagement with services, as well as what factors affect engagement, has implications for clinical practice, professional training, and the development of services to best meet the needs of service users.

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