About Lynda Tait, PhD

Hometown: Birmingham.
Hobbies: Reading books, listening to music, writing a novel, computer games, and playing the electric guitar.
Pets: A high-maintenance much loved cat named Teddy Bimse.
Fave film: Thelma & Louise.
Fave food: Ice cream, preferably vanilla flavour.

Lynda Tait is the author of published peer reviewed academic journal articles, and contributed to a published non-fiction book. Her science writing has appeared in The British Journal of Psychiatry; The BMJ; Brain Sciences; Systematic Reviews; Medical Education; Advances in Psychiatric Treatment; Schizophrenia Research; and many other publications. You can read a selection of Lynda Tait’s science writing on the Articles page of this site.

Lynda has a First Class BSc and a PhD in Psychology. She has taught statistics, research design and medical communication skills at the University of Birmingham.

Lynda lives in Birmingham, where she is currently working on a novel exploring the themes of friendship and betrayal. She is also writing a book of short stories about the trials and tribulations of working in academia, a topic dear to her: before becoming a writer, Lynda spent more than two decades working as a research psychologist as well as teaching psychology, medical and PhD students. Those experiences are central to the collection of academic short stories, which you can read more about here. Lynda also has a passion for music; she loves playing an electric guitar.

You can follow her on Instagram here.