Welcome to Lynda's Academic website and A Blog About Academic Writing, Publishing and using Social Media to optimise your research presence. Researchers are under intense pressure to publish their research and secure grant support, but often work within an academic environment that is unsupportive and competitive. Building a research career within this kind of culture is therefore difficult.

I created A Blog About Academic Writing and Publishing, as a way to share my research and academic writing expertise and the academic cultural lessons I’ve learned over the years. The focus of this blog will be on developing constructive strategies to overcome the challenges of academic writing and publishing.

Researchers who want to succeed in marketing their research using social media can also benefit from reading the blog posts.

Drawing on my academic experience, my greatest pleasure has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students the research skills to create and conduct their own studies, how to publish their research in peer-reviewed journals, and how to deliver effective conference presentations and market their research using social media. Even more delightful is when those students have scooped prestigious scientific awards for their research efforts.

The Blog is for you if…

  • You want to learn strategies to fast-track your research career

  • You want to create a social media strategy to market your research

  • You want to learn organisational techniques for writing

  • You want to be more successful in publishing peer-reviewed journal articles

  • You want to uncover the secrets of successful grant writing

  • You want to build your professional recognition and reputation

Dr Lynda Tait has been teaching communication skills and leading research groups in the University of Birmingham’s Medical School since 2003, combining her skills as a Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Scientist with her inside knowledge of the peer-reviewed publishing industry and scientific grant awarding bodies.

A Statistics Instructor since 2001 and a Research Fellow since 2003 (at the University of Birmingham and currently at Nottingham University), a journal and grant peer reviewer, a consultant to charities, and an editor for a major open access journal publisher, Lynda offers writing and research advice to enable doctoral researchers and early career researchers to more effectively contribute to the production of knowledge and to maximise their potential.